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The Fake Antifa Manual

There is no such thing as “The Antifa Manual.” It is FAKE NEWS that appears on a couple insignificant right-wing web “news” sites, but is now spreading around the conservative wing of social media as proof of “home-grown left-wing terrorists.” I’m not going to post a link because I will not give fake news sites any more traffic. But if you read it, it is clearly a fake.  To someone who has occupied the progressive left for my whole life, I can assure you, it reads like a right-wing conservative would THINK a left-wing radical would sound.  No one who is a left-wing radical would ever write this. There are many things that mark it as a fake, but here are a few: 1) It cautions readers to keep the manual secret and not allow any “Cis [gender] White males” to see it because “they’re all fascists.” Anybody on the left would know that progressive White males would be and important target audience, and a real terrorist organization would never make this strategic error. 2) It is a scan of a…

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