The Professional Recycler

Today I had an interesting conversation with one of my clients who is 45 years old. It started with some standard questions for our first time clients that help us develop an overall picture of the client's background and current program needs. First, I asked him about his employment history. He responded that he has never held a job in his life. So I assumed he has no work skills and I suggested that he might want to avail himself of vocational training opportunities while he is at our facilities.

Then I asked whether he uses illegal drugs. He told me, with evident pride, that he has been using "crack" cocaine daily since it first appeared on the streets in this area in 1982. I guess you could say he was a "crack" pioneer. He informed me that he smokes a 1/2 ounce of "crack" per day, which costs about $250 at current street prices here. Since he clearly has no job to earn the money, I suggested that he must sell "crack" in order to afford his $250 per day habit. But he responded with disdain that he never sells drugs. So I was greatly interested to know how he managed to obtain enough money to support his habit. He told me that he collects and recycles aluminum cans for cash. So at the current redemption value, that works out to be 5000 soda and beer cans every day. That is some serious recycling! Perhaps I was a little judgmental in concluding he has no work skills. I had to admire his recycling talent and I congratulated him on a great career and future in the recycling profession.

I then asked him if he uses any other illegal drugs, such as "crank" (i.e. methamphetamine). He scoffed at this notion, saying that "crank" is "man made." I responded very professionally by asking: "So I guess 'crack' just falls from heaven?" Which he thought was a very funny question, and then informed me that "crank" comes from chemicals, but "crack" is "from the ground and, therefore, comes from nature!" My response was: "And here I thought it comes from microwave ovens, just like popcorn and Marie Calendar's frozen pot pies."


Miss Merissa said…
Wow...this story completely gives you another view or insight on the drug world. He really is a professional recycler.
I wonder how much money he makes per day? Probably more than I have ever made...what dedication...heh...makes you think twice about people like that, but then again I have friends who do that stuff and I don't think anything of it. They all know the consequences and all that stuff, but it's just something they do.
Boy, I am so thankful for my life!

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