Culture Matters - Volume II

Perspectives of a White Man who has lived for 30 Years in a Filipino Family

Some time ago I wrote a blog post entitled "Race Matters -Volume I (maybe)" []. Actually, I started out writing about race, but ended up talking about culture; so from now on, the series will be entitled “Culture Matters.”

Anyway, I had the idea to write further on this topic…maybe. (I have writing commitment issues; which is why I titled it “Volume I (maybe).”) Somehow, to my total amazement, having lived in a Filipino family for three decades, I managed to develop one or two ideas on culture that might matter to the six people who follow my blog.

But then I forgot what these ideas are. Fortunately, I just remembered one of my ideas after reading the recent blog post by my wonderfully talented daughter, Lauren.

The general ideas is that culture frames one’s understanding of what family is and, despite what many of the predominant White culture believe, theirs is not necessarily the best way of understanding family. Or, you could entitle it: “Some of the things I learned from my wife about raising kids are actually pretty smart; but it may still be necessary to use your knee as an extra appendage when trying to hold down a wiggling 14-pound toddler boy so you can change his diaper before he rolls off the bed and pees on the carpet.” (If that doesn’t make sense, refer to comments below.)

But after further reflection, I realize that Lauren said it much better that I can. So following is my blog post:

Refer to

If you still don’t understand the reference to peeing toddlers rolling on the floor, then you obviously did not read Lauren’s blog! You ingrate! Get back there and read!

I’m thinking about writing more in the future…maybe, if I can remember some more stuff I learned about culture.


Lauren said…
Thanks, Father. When writing that post, I didn't really think about how my parenting philosophies/strategies come from BOTH of my parents. In one breath, I talk about The Mano AND kneeing my children in the gut.

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